Copper Rate in Pakistan | Per Kg Rate 2024

copper rate in pakistan

The Copper price per kg decided according the pureness, standard. Copper Rate in Pakistan is decided according to London Metal Exchange market rate. The other factor that effect copper rate are dollar value, Transportation and Labor charges and its demand.

Copper Rate in Pakistan May 2024

Copper TypeCopper Price Per KGCopper Price Per Ton
New CopperRs. 3,000 to 32,00Rs.30,00,000 to 32,00,000
Scrape CopperRs. 2,000 to 22,00Rs.20,00,000 to 22,00,000

Copper is Soft and Malleable metal. The pure copper color is radish brown. Copper is the most useful metal (next to Iron) due to its properties of stable in air, water and is a good conductor of heat and electricity.

Copper and Silver Scrape Rate in Pakistan May, 2024

Copper Scrape Type Average Rate Per KG
Tamba CopperRs. 2530
Desi Armature CopperRs. 2520
Burtan TambaRs. 2080
Tanda TambaRs. 1880
Lal PetalRs. 1780
PetalRs. 1620
Petal Motor BankarRs. 1510
Petal CompressorRs. 1580
Petal RadiatorRs. 1380
AC wali JhaliRs. 1250
Petal BoraRs. 1240
Jista CompressorRs. 700
Jista Motor BankarRs. 760
Compressor FridgeRs. 370
Compressor silver kariRs. 680
Compressor silverRs. 550
Bankar Silver KariRs. 580
Bankar Motor SalaiRs. 550
Silver Piston big truck buss etcRs. 540
Silver Piston Car, Motorcycle etcRs. 500
Silver NarmRs. 530
Silver Sakht Motor body PartsRs. 540
Silver sakht Motorcycle walaRs. 520
Silver Aluminium Window cuttingRs. 550
Silver LocalRs. 500
Silver Mix DharaRs. 460
Anemal TaarRs. 700
Sika Saaf batteryRs. 620
JistaRs. 545
Jista MixRs. 460
Jista Kala MotaRs. 680
Brack Lather Bahir SaafRs. 390
Silver RadiatorRs. 450

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Copper Scrap News: 

Scrape Copper rate are increased due to high demand and Ban of LC’s by Government of Pakistan. So Imported Copper is not coming to the market. When the LC’s are opened. The Copper rates are expected to decrease.

Note: The Above Scrape rates are Wholesale market rate, So the Local market rates of different cities of Pakistan can be slightly high or low.

Copper uses:

  • Copper used in the manufacturing of electrical wire and cables.
  • Used for making heating Utensils and Calorimeter.
  • Used in making Coins, Jewellery and Ornaments.
  • Machine parts
  • Copper is integral part of printed circuit boards, leads free solders, microwave ovens, wave guide, Integrated circuits, electromagnetic, wire and pipes.

Copper Top Trading Company’s in Pakistan

  • Musleh Trading
  • PM Engineering
  • Mian Mohammad Feroze and Sons Enterprises
  • Ganar International
  • Orient Trading Company
  • Ali and Company
  • Pearl Cables and Conductors
  • Future Trader
  • Maaz 360 Pvt Limited


We are providing updated prices of Copper in Pakistan. Scrap Copper rate in Gujranwala, Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, and other areas of Pakistan can be slightly different due to Transportation, Labor, and shop rentals.