Bricks Price in Pakistan Today 2024 | Grade A, B & C Rates

Bricks Price in Pakistan

Bricks price in Pakistan: There are different types of bricks, for example, A grade, B grade, C grade, and Rora bricks available in the market, so the rate is also different according to their quality, size, and strength.

Bricks Price in Pakistan | Today Brick Rate 2024

The rate of single Ent, 1000 Ent, and 300 Ent price in Pakistan is below:

Brick TypeSingle Brick Rate1000 Bricks Rate3000 Bricks Rate
Grade A Brick1717,00051,500
Grade A (Machine Made)1616,00048,000
Grade A Tile Brick1717,00051,000
Grade B Brick1414,00042,000
Grade C Brick1212,00036,000
Ash Fly Brick1717,00051,000
Khingar Brick1414,00042,000
Rora85 cubic ft

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The bricks rate in big cities like Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, and other areas that are away from bhata location like Gilgit, KPK, and other areas of Pakistan can be slightly different due to transportation and labor charges.

How to Check Bricks quality before purchased

  • Ensure that bricks are in standard size (9inch length, 4inch width and 3inch height)
  • Bricks all side shapes should be in rectangular form
  • There should be no cracks in the bricks
  • The color of a good quality bricks is deep red or dark red from all side
  • Collide two bricks with each other, the metallic ringing sound shows that the brick is A-grade while hard sound bricks are B and C-grade.
  • Check and note a brick’s weight, then put it in water for one hour, now again check the weight, if the weight is 6 times greater then it’s A-grade brick.

The standard size of Red bricks in Pakistan

9 inch Length * 4 inch Width * 3 inch Height

Bricks Types used for Construction in Pakistan

1. Tile Bricks:

This type of brick is used by all construction companies in Pakistan. These bricks are thin in height and large in length.

2. Tassu Bricks:

The height is thinner of this brick, but the width and length are same when compared with the common bricks. Mostly used in TR and Garder-type roofs.

3. Rora Bricks:

When bricks are broken then they are called Rora bricks. This type of brick is mostly used in floor construction.

Manufacturing process of bricks in Pakistan

There are 4 phases in which the brick manufacturing process completed

1. Preparation of Clay:

a. Unsoiling:

The removal of vegetation and imperatives in topsoil.

b. Digging:

The process in which clay is extracted manually or by an excavator machine, and the clay is stored to a certain height on a level surface above the ground.

c. Cleaning:

The removal of imperatives like stone, pebbles, and any other garbage is removed from the heap

d. Weathering:

After the completion of the cleaning process, the clay is spread in a 600mm to 12mm thick layer, and for at least one month time period, it is exposed to open Air. It imparts a better effect on the plasticity and strength of the clay.

2. Moulding:

Giving the desired shape to the prepared clay is called Moulding. Moulding can be done with the help of a human hand or by a machine. By machine, large quantity bricks can be moulded in very less time.

3. Drying:

Bricks are dried, so can be shifted easily without any damage to Kalin or Champ(Btatta).

The process of drying bricks manually takes 2 to 3 days in summer and 15 days in winter. Bricks can also be dried Artificially in large manufacturing brick factories in less time.

4. burning:

Burning is a very important process in the manufacturing of bricks. In the burning process, the water is completely removed from the bricks at a high temperature. It imparts hardness and strength to bricks, it also makes bricks more dense and durable.


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