Cement Price Today in Pakistan May, 2024

Cement price in Pakistan

Cement Price In Pakistan: There are many cement factories in Pakistan. so the cement prices per bag is also different of these companies according to their quality and standard. 

We are providing the updated cement prices to our viewers, so they purchase cement bags at the actual price. the rate of cement in Lahore, Peshawar, Islamabad, Karachi, and other areas of Pakistan can be slightly different due to transportation and Labor charge


  • You should check cement prices online before going to purchase in the market.
  • Check prices of cement from different shops in the market, thus you can purchase at a good rate.

Cement Price in Pakistan | Cement Rate Today 2024

#Cement Factory Name50Kg Bag Price
1Bestway Cement rateRs. 12,30/
2Lucky CementRs. 12,40/
3Maple Leaf CementRs. 12,50/
4Kohat CementRs. 12,25/
5DG CementRs.12,45/
6Fauji CementRs. 12,30/
7Cherat CementRs.12,30/
8Falcon cement rateRs. 12,30/
9Flying Pakistan cementRs. 12,25/
10Pakcem CementRs. 12,60/
11Power CementRs. 12,30/
12Attock CementRs. 12,20/
13Pakland cementRs.11,40/
14Pioneer CementRs.12,30/
15Askari CementRs. 12,25/
16Falcon OPCRs. 12,30/
17Paidar CementRs. 12,30/

White Cement Price in Pakistan 2024

Cement Factory Name40Kg Bag Price
Maple Leaf white CementRs. 1950 – 2050
Kohat White CementRs. 1750 – 1850

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As we know Cement, and Steel are essential ingredients for constructing a house or building. people are concerned about the cement rate in Pakistan when they plan to start the construction of a house or building. 

The cement rate is mostly dependent on the devaluation of the Pakistani rupee, increase in petroleum prices, and supply and demand factor. so you should know about the updated prices of cement on daily basis.

Popular Cement Factories in Pakistan

The Pakistan construction industry is growing rapidly every year, this is the reason supply and demand of building materials are increasing day by day.  

To fulfill the demand of Cement, new cement factories are introduced every year in the Pakistani market. 

Some well-known Cement factories in Pakistan are:

  • Bestway Cement Ltd
  • Maple Leaf Cement Ltd
  • DG Cement Ltd
  • Lucky Cement Ltd
  • Fauji Cement Ltd
  • Kohat Cement Ltd
  • Cherat Cement Ltd
  • Fly Cement Ltd
  • Askari Cement Ltd
  • Pakcem Cemeny Ltd
  • Falcon Cement Ltd
  • Flying Cement Ltd
  • Attock Cement Ltd
  • Power Cement Ltd
  • Pakland cement

Hydraulic Cement non-Hydraulic Cement

  There are two types of cement used in construction.

Hydraulic Cement:

  • The limestone, gypsum, and clay are mixed together at a very high temperature.
  • It’s very easy to use and takes less time to harden when expose to water.
  • It takes very less time to set even under wet weather.
  • Due to its versatility and strength, mostly used for patch concrete, leaks, and repair work.
  • Hydraulic cement is used widely for construction around the world.

Hydraulic Cement:

  • It’s a mixture of lime, gypsum plasters, and oxychloride.
  • Absorbs carbon dioxide from the air to get strength.
  • It takes a long time to harden.
  • It needs dry weather conditions to strengthen.
  • Due to its lack of versatility and relies on controlled weather conditions , mostly used indoors for brick, mortar use and stonework.
  • Very limited use of this cement.


Purchase good quality cement for the construction of a house or building, the reason is that Steel, Cement, and Bricks are the main components that play a major role in strong construction. So don’t compromise on it, and that will prevent you from future worries.