LPG Gas Price In Pakistan

LPG Gas Price In Pakistan

The LPG Gas Price in Pakistan is controlled by the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) according to the policy. Demand for LGP increases in winter, the reason is load shielding of SNGPL (SUI Gas) due to heater use in Punjab, KPK, Kashmir, Gilgit Baltistan and other cold areas in Pakistan. 

The are two types of LPG cylinders available in the market Domestic and commercial. The Domestic cylinder has a capacity of 11.8 kg and 12.5 kg, while commercial cylinder are up to 45kg.

LPG Price in Pakistan | KG and Cylinder Rates

LPG OGRA Price in Pakistan:

LPG by OGRAPrice
LGP Per KgRs. 251 Pkr
LGP Domestic Cylinder 11.8 KgRs. 2962 Pkr
LGP Domestic Cylinder 45.4 KgRs. 11397 Pkr

LPG Local Market Price in Pakistan:

LPG by Local MarketPrice
LGP Per KgRs. 260 – 270 Pkr
LGP Domestic Cylinder 11.8 KgRs. 3068 -3186 Pkr
LGP Domestic Cylinder 45.4 KgRs. 12584-13068 Pkr

Tips for Gas Cylinder Safety

  • Purchase OGRA approved licensed company cylinder
  • Place the cylinder in a straight position.
  • If there smell of lpg then don’t fir majas or lighter.
  • Don’t place the LPG cylinder in such a place where air pressure is very high.
  • The gas Stove should be in a higher position than the cylinder.

The Energy prices like petrol and Electricity prices are increased rapidly in the past few years. Pakistan can’t produce enough local Energy to fulfill its requirements, so Pakistan Import energy resources mostly from Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Qatar.

Pakistan also produces Local LPG but the demand increase every year, so to fill the gap between supply and demand Government of Pakistan imports LGP from Iran and Qatar. So dollar and fuel rates directly affect the LGP prices.

The LPG demand in Pakistan annually is estimated at 1.4 tons. And local production of LPG in the country is only 876,000 MT. to meet the consumption Pakistan imports LGP from Iran through the land.

LPG is used as fuel for cooking in houses and hotels. Some Autos and  Industries also use it as fuel.

LPG Supplier Companies in Pakistan

The following are the main companies that have a major role in the production and supply of LGP in Pakistan:

  • Pakistan Refinery Ltd
  • Pakistan Arab Refinery Company Ltd
  • National Refinery Ltd
  • OGDCL Ltd
  • Pakistan Petroleum Ltd
  • BYCO Refinery Ltd
  • MOL

Major LPG Importer Company’s in Pakistan

As we said earlier that Pakistan needs to import LPG to meet its requirement. Some big companies play a key to import LGP which are given below:

  • Pyramid Gas Ltd
  • Sui Southern Gas Co Ltd
  • Hazara Gas Ltd
  • Ayan Gas Ltd

LPG Distribution and Sale method in Pakistan

The LPG marketing companies purchase it from Importers and local producers. Then the distributor’s purchase from marketing Agencies and sells to the end users. A manufacturer of LPG can not sell to another LPG manufacturer. This restriction is only for local LPG producers and can’t apply to importer companies.


The LGP gas price in Pakistan can be slightly different in Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Karachi and other Areas due to Transportation and Labor charges.