Marble Price in Pakistan | Today 2024 Rates

Marble price In Pakistan: are different due to the quality and beauty. Many types of marble are available in Pakistan. The rate is calculated per square foot. The Low and highest rate marbles are available in the Pakistani markets.

The price of marble is directly affected by the price of fuel, electricity price. supply and demand is another factor to increase or decrease marble prices.

Marble Rate today 2024, in Pakistan 

Marble TypeFloor RateStair RateKitchen Rate
TaveraRs. 90Rs. 180Rs. 350
BadalRs. 70Rs. 250Rs. 350
Sunny whiteRs. 110Rs. 300Rs. 300
Sunny GreyRs. 68Rs. 160Rs. 220
Ziarat Supreme whiteRs. 350Rs. 600Rs. 1200
Ziarat whiteRs. 350Rs. 500Rs. 800
Ziarat GreyRs. 85Rs. 270Rs. 350
China VeronaRs. 200Rs. 400Rs. 650
Botticina FancyRs. 170Rs. 250Rs. 350
FlowerRs. 60Rs. 70Rs. 85
ZebraRs. 85Rs. 250Rs. 450
Silky BlackRs. 75Rs. 180Rs. 400
Black and GoldRs. 450Rs. 280Rs. 480
strawberry RedRs. 150Rs. 270Rs. 450
Strawberry pinkRs. 120Rs. 400Rs. 600

Marbles are mostly used on stairs, in the kitchen, and outdoors. Marble is less absorbed, so they are durable and give an Elegance look to your house or building. Light colors marbles are very popular in Pakistan. The thickness of Buner marble should be at least 4 inches, while Balochistan, and Karachi 3.5 or 3 inches(sutar).

How to check Marble quality before purchased

  • Ensure that the marble thickness is full
  • Four dimensions should equal, that’s are easy to fix
  • The surface of the marble should be smooth and clear
  • Drop some water drops on the marble surface to test water absorption

The standard size of Marble in Pakistan

The commonly used marble size  in Pakistan is 9 inch Length * 4 inches in Width * 3 inches in Height

Types of Marble commonly used in Pakistan

1. China Verona(Parlino) Marble:

Verona china marble is imported from china. It’s a very popular marble Durable and elegant look. It’s more expensive than Trevera marble. The less number of crystals Verona marble is the best quality.

Different names used are used for China Verona marble like Parlino marble, and Verona beige marble.

2. Ziarat Grey Marble:

This is another type of Ziarat marble, due to its gray color called Ziarat gray marble. This marble is also premium quality, and expensive.

3. Ziarat Supreme White Marble:

This type of marble is found in the Ziarat area in Balochistan province. Ziarat marble is the most premium and expensive marble in Pakistan. it can be used in countertops, floors, exterior and interior use, window walls, pool capping, etc.

Alternative names are used for Ziarat marble like Super white marble and Balochistan marble.

4. Tavera Marble:

This marble is a beige color marble, it’s cheap in price from other marble. The origin of this marble is Balochistan

Alternative names are used for Tervera marble like Tervera beige marble, Travera marble, and Tavera cream marble.

Tervera marble can be used on countertops, fireplaces, pool coping, floors, sinks, stone buildings, etc.

5. BottiCino Marble:

BottiCino fancy marble can be a good choice to use for flooring. You can check Botticino marble’s price in the above table.

6. Sunny white Marble:

The white sunny marble price is higher than the gray sunny marble price. Its can easily available in the market

7. Sunny Grey Marble:

The Sunny gray marble price is Low than the White sunny marble price. Its can easily available in the market.

This is Buner marble. It can be a great choice to used on Stairs. Sunny Gray marble is mostly avialable in 1-inch, and Poni-inch(3/4) thickness.

8. Badal Marble:

Badal Gray marble is also a popular and locally carried out marble used for flooring in Pakistan. Its color is a combination of gray and silver with steaks of white or black on it.

Alternative names are used for Badal marble like, Badal abbot marble, Mad white marble, Ziarat Badal, and gray marble.

9. Black and Gold Marble:

This marble has a white, brown, and gold texture on its surface. The smooth finishing of Black and Gold (Micheal Angelo) marble makes it more attractive.


We are provides updated Marble prices, So our viewers do buy building materials at the actual price. Marble price in Pakistan can be slightly Low or High in different areas of Pakistan due to transportation, labor loading, and on-loading charges.