Solar Panel Rate in Pakistan 24 July 2024

Solar Panel rate in Pakistan fluctuates due to multiple factors. Weather conditions, oil and electricity price hikes, and many other factors cause a significant shift in prices. To obtain the maximum advantage of your investment in solar panels, you must know the off-and-on seasons to schedule your following purchase plans.

In Pakistan, solar Panel demands are on the rise due to unstable electricity supply and prolonged availability of sunlight. Nevertheless, the source is economical as well as eco-friendly. We use solar energy for meeting domestic, business, agriculture, and almost all forms of electrical needs. Therefore, if you are planning to shift power needs to solar system, keep yourself aware of Solar Panel Rates in Pakistan.

Solar Panel Price in Pakistan Today 2024

Brand Name & SpecificationPrice
Jinko 555 watt Mono Perc Solar Panel29,970
Jinko 580 watt N-Type Mono Perc Solar Panel35,960
Jinko 520 watt Mono Perc Half cut Solar Panel52,000
Jinko 535 watt Mono Solar Panel53,500
Jinko 545 watt Mono Crystalline Solar Panel54,500
Canadian 360 watt Half-cut Poly Perc Solar Panel36,000
Canadian 445W Mono Perc44,500
Canadian 550W Mono Half cell31,900
Canadian 590W Mono Perc59,000
Canadian 650W Mono Perc65,500
Longi 550 watt Mono Perc Solar Panel39,050
Longi 555 watt Mono Perc32,190
Longi 575 watt Himo 648,720
Longi 580 watt Himo 634,800
JA 330W Poly Solar Panel33,000
JA 465W Mono Perc Solar Panel46,500
JA 550W Mono Perc Solar Panel29,150
MaxPower 180W Half-cut Poly Perc18,000
MaxPower 340 watt Half-cut Poly Perc34,000
MaxPower 180W Half-cut Mono Perc40,000

Solar Panel Rate Per Watt in Pakistan:

Brand NamePrice Per Watt
Branded Solar Panel53 to 60 Pkr
Local Solar Panel45 to 50 Pkr

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Tips to buy Solar Panels on a Good Budget

Discounts on Quality Products:

Always look for high-quality solar panels available at market-competitive prices. We never recommend going with cheap products because they are less efficient and generate low wattage, which is insufficient to run electronics. So look for discounts but always strive for quality of the solar panel system.

Estimate of Energy Requirements:

Understand your energy requirements before investment. It will eventually help you plan in-budget investments. Indeed, it will prevent you from extravagant costs while purchasing solar panels for your energy needs.

Market Research:

Before making a final purchase, conduct sound research on Solar Panel Rates in Pakistan. Also, look for flexible payment plans from several companies. You can also look for seasonal off-prices. You can buy expensive solar system parts during the off-season at comparatively lower prices.

Reputable Sellers:

Selecting a reputable solar panel seller is the safest way to secure your investment. While selecting the seller or company, look for the quality, durability, market reputation, and customer service. Also, look for warranties and additional services while purchasing a solar panel.

Government Incentives and Taxes:

Look for financial incentives and rebates from the local government. The incentives help you manifold the ROI while making the investment more affordable. Net Metering can help you recover your investment as well as provide you with a constant source of earnings.

Solar Panel Types Used in Pakistan

1. Monocrystalline:

One of the mainly used solar panels in Pakistan due to their high efficiency. Built from a single silicon crystal, it is ideal for limited installation spaces. 

2. Polycrystalline:

The polycrystalline types are suitable for low budget, but due to multiple tiny crystals of silicon, it is less efficient. These panels are suitable for larger installation spaces with sufficient exposure to sunlight.

4. PERC (Canadian) Solar Panel:

These solar panels are the most modern types of solar panels. It has a better temperature coefficient and high light absorption. The power losses are minimal and thus have the highest efficiency. In Pakistan, PERC is commonly known as Canadian Solar Panels. Although these types are available on limited stores but soon it will overcome the market with competitive prices.

4. Thin-Film Panels:

The use of these solar panel is less in Pakistan. The photovoltaic cells are made with layers of PVC deposited on the substrate to build a thin film. Rooftop and portable solar panels are primarily thin-film panels.

Pros & Cons of using Solar Panel


  • Permanence Source of electricity in far-off areas
  • Free energy resource offers energy independence
  • Net metering can be a source of passive income
  • Eco-friendly source of energy produces zero pollutants
  • Cost-effective, portable, and reliable


  • Need regular maintenance cost
  • Requires enough space with sunlight exposure
  • Solar panels fail to produce electricity during low light and cloudy days


Although solar panel installation is a one-time investment due to depreciating batteries and other components of the system, it has perpetual maintenance costs. Since conventional sources of energy are depleting, Solar Panels are the only reliable source of energy in Pakistan. We call solar panels the future of energy worldwide.

The rising demand for solar panels consequently affects the Solar Rate in Pakistan. So, if you are planning to incorporate solar energies or net Metering, you must know the current Solar Panel Rates in Pakistan to enhance the benefits of your investment.