Concrete Block Price In Pakistan

Concrete blocks are also called cement blocks, which consist of empty pits and can be cleaned easily. To clean these voids, as water is poured into them, these spaces become stronger and prevent the surface of the block from deteriorating over time. Every year, concrete block prices in Pakistan are making a profit at the rate of about 930 million dollars.

About 30 million concrete blocks are used in the construction of roads and bridges, which is only 16 percent of the concrete blocks produced worldwide. You can find these blocks in all kinds of different shapes, as smooth blocks are not used in the construction of walls. But they play an important role in making roads, bridges, and many similar places.

Concrete Block Price in Pakistan Today 2023

Size Of Block in inchesDimensions in mmPrice
A1 (16”x8”x8”)400+200+20075
A2 (16”x6”x8”)400+127+200 mm70
A3 (12”x5”x8”) 400+127+20065
A4 (12”x4”x8”)400+101.6+20040
A5 (16”x3”x8”)400+76.2+20035
A6 (16x”2”x8”)400x50x20030

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Concrete blocks are made by mixing cement and all its components. Cement plays an important role in binding sand, gravel blocks, and all other materials together, as well as making them strong and strong. 

concrete block price in Pakistan and cement blocks are different. The better their content, the higher their prices can be. Usually, a piece of cement block can cost between 250-550 pkr, and similarly, a part of a concrete block costs between 450-850 pkr

Types Of Concrete Block

Concrete blocks have different types depending on their characteristics. These types are fellows:

Hollow Blocks

In the central part of these blocks, there are voids in the form of pits, having no weight, which is useful for all those walls that can carry the load or even for those that are unbearable weight. You can use them as per your requirements.

Solid Concrete Blocks

Solid blocks are strong and closely crowded together, which makes them useful for weight-bearing walls. And it protects them from cold, heat, and other weather effects. Don’t get cheap items for your home because it will not give you better results.

Concrete Bricks

Concrete bricks, not blocks, are among the materials used to make buildings. They are generally shorter in size than standard blocks and serve a vital role in construction activities. The construction of the building depends on the material so the material should be of the best quality.

Interlocking Concrete Blocks

These blocks include features that are interlocked without any mortar. And they create strength and ease in construction work. The blocks are generally used to maintain the durability and rigidity of walls and to protect the ground from erosion.

Paver Blocks

Paver Blocks play an important role in building roads and footpaths. Apart from that, they also add decorative colors to make their work beautiful. If you want to build the roads with good results, you have to buy the best blocks for this. the market is full of different blocks because of new items but you have to get the best blocks made with pure material.

Cellular Concrete Block 

These blocks contain air sacs and are light in weight, which protects them from heat and noise by surrounding them with insulating materials. Don’t forget to buy new and pure materials for the construction of your home because you are spending money and time.

Factors That Affect the Price Of Concrete Blocks

There are the following factors that affect the concrete block rates:

⦁ Making Blocks And Labor Costs

By mixing different components and then arranging them to adapt to the process and controlling their properties, we can increase concrete block production. Many expenses are required for this purpose. These include the maintenance of machines, the labor of workers, and many other costs. If the efficiency of making blocks is good, it not only increases the value of the league but also the labor costs can be handled well.

⦁ Ascent Of Blocks In the Market

The rules and regulations of buying and selling concrete blocks in Pakistan tell us exactly the price of these blocks. When the desire to purchase them increases in the markets, their prices rise significantly, which proves to be beneficial for the suppliers. Now, it is up to the seller to reduce their costs to get the attention of their customers.

⦁ Higher Quality Blocks

Concrete block prices in Pakistan are of different types depending on their size, structure, and strength. Which are used in construction works. Higher-quality blocks are more expensive because they are the strongest, most powerful, and most efficient. Quality matters a lot so don’t compromise on quality of the blocks.

Pros and Cons of Concrete Blocks

Pros of Concrete Blocks:

  • Responsible for commercial buildings
  • Their prices are affordable
  • It acts as a fire retardant
  • Stronger in rigidity and durability

Cons of Concrete Blocks:

  • Heavy
  • Flexible designs are very few


If you want to buy cement and concrete blocks at a low cost, then check the prices in markets and many other places. And thus, you can get a better deal as per your requirement. Now compare all these prices. You can stretch your budget further if you find the best prices. The buildings you are going to construct are important for you because you are spending money and time on them. you have to focus on buying the best and pure material for the construction of your buildings.


Concrete Blocks are called cement blocks because they are made by mixing cement and all its admixtures

There are different types of concrete blocks in Pakistan, such as hollow blocks, Solid blocks, Interlocking Concrete Blocks, Paver Blocks, Concrete bricks, and Cellular concrete blocks.

The factors that influence the price of concrete blocks are the making blocks and labor costs, the Ascent of blocks in the market, and Higher quality blocks.