Battery Price in Pakistan 2024

It’s really important to understand how battery prices in Pakistan change. There are many sectors, from housing to commercial and industrial, using the batteries in case of shortfall or as a backup option.

This article explores multifaceted aspects of battery price in Pakistan. It delves into influencing factors, current trends, consumer perspectives, and future outlooks.

battery Price in Pakistan

Battery Price in Pakistan | Batteries List

1. Osaka Batteries Price:

Battery ModelCapacityRate
Osaka 12GEN MR45, 7 Plates25 Ah10,030
Osaka 12GEN MR35, 5 Plates20 Ah8,000
Osaka S50+ Lead Acid, 9 Plates34 Ah6,940
Osaka MF-40GEN20 Ah6,700
Osaka MF 50L38 Ah10,800
Osaka Solar 5020 Ah7,900
Osaka S65L+ Lead Acid, 11 Plates40 Ah15,170
Osaka platinum P-140 S, 14 Plates110 Ah31,730
Osaka platinum P-210 S155 Ah46,770
Osaka TA-1500 Lead Acid Tubular140 Ah52,800
Osaka TA-1800 Lead Acid Tubular185 Ah63,600
Osaka TA-2500 Lead Acid Tubular230 Ah80,400

Osaka Batteries are known for their robust build and longevity. Their deep cycle batteries work well, especially in places with lots of power outages. This makes Osaka a popular choice for backup power solutions in Pakistan.

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2. Phoenix Batteries Price:

Battery ModelCapacityRate
Phoenix UGS-55 Lead Acid, 9 Plates40 Ah8,060
Phoenix XP-60L Tubular, 11 Plates40 Ah10,980
Phoenix XP-75R Tubular, 9 Plates50 Ah12,710
Phoenix UGLT-100 Lead Acid, 11 Plates72 Ah16,970
Phoenix XP-100R Tubular, 11 Plates72 Ah20,000
Phoenix UGS-135 Lead Acid, 15 Plates105 Ah23,220
Phoenix XP-200 Lead Acid, 23 Plates140 Ah32,460
Phoenix UGS-245 Lead Acid, 25 Plates180 Ah40,610
Phoenix TX-2500 Tubular, 12V230 Ah71,500
Phoenix TX-3500 Deep Cycle Tubular280 Ah86,000

Phoenix Batteries are recognized for their efficient power delivery and durability. Designed to endure diverse environmental conditions, these batteries offer dependable energy storage solutions. They cater to both residential and commercial applications.

3. AGS Solar Batteries Price:

AGS Solar Batteries are specifically engineered for solar power storage systems. Utilizing advanced technology, these batteries efficiently store solar energy. They guarantee steady and reliable power for homes and businesses with solar setups.

Battery ModelCapacityRate
AGS GR-4630 Ah9,600
AGS GR-6545 Ah13,300
AGS GL-4835 Ah10,400
AGS GL-10080 Ah19,500
AGS WS-50 Lead Acid, 7 Plates24 Ah10,200
AGS GX-165, 12V, 21 Plates120 Ah39,600
AGS GX-175, 12V, 23 Plates140 Ah42,000
AGS SP-210 Lead Acid, 23 Plates150 Ah48,600
AGS SP-250 Lead Acid, 27 Plates175 Ah55,200
AGS WS-270 Lead Acid, 33 Plates220 Ah72,000

4. Exide Batteries Price:

Battery ModelCapacityRate
Exide MF-40 Lead Acid, 9 Plates22 Ah8,240
Exide GL-50 Plus Lead Acid, 9 Plates40 Ah12,380
Exide CNG-65L Lead Acid, 11 Plates45 Ah14,600
Exide CN-50 Lead Acid, 9 Plates36 Ah11,770
Exide N-75 Lead Acid, 9 Plates55 Ah15,820
Exide NS-95 Lead Acid, 13 Plates72 Ah20,320
Exide MF-110 Lead Acid, 13 Plates80 Ah24,300
Exide N-150 Lead Acid, 19 Plates120 Ah32,700
Exide N-175 Lead Acid, 19 Plates125 Ah46,480
Exide HP-250 Lead Acid, 25 Plates180 Ah54,500

Exide Batteries are widely known for their high performance and longevity. Exide batteries have a diverse range serving automotive, industrial, and residential needs. They’re trusted for their reliability and endurance in challenging conditions.

5. Homage Batteries Price:

Battery ModelCapacityRate
HB4533 Ah5,400
HB50G33 Ah5,700
HB6545 Ah7,500
HB70G50 Ah8,000
HB150110 Ah20,000
HB165120 Ah20,500
HB200G125 Ah28,000
HB220G150 Ah30,000

Homage Batteries offer reliable power solutions for various applications. These batteries are known for quality and durability, serving residential and commercial purposes.

They ensure uninterrupted power in areas with frequent outages. Designed to endure diverse environmental conditions, these batteries are a trusted choice. They serve as reliable backup power solutions in Pakistan.

Homage Batteries in Pakistan vary in price, starting from approximately PKR 15,000. The price can reach PKR 60,000 or even more, depending on the type (like tubular, gel, AGM) and the battery’s capacity measured in ampere-hours (Ah).

6. Daewoo Deep Cycle Batteries Price:

Battery ModelCapacityRate
Daewoo DL-46 Lead Acid Sealed35 Ah8,280
Daewoo DL-55 Lead Acid Sealed38 Ah13,320
Daewoo DL-60 Lead Acid Sealed45 Ah15,360
Daewoo DLS-120 Lead Acid Sealed90 Ah28,040
Daewoo DIB-135 Deep Cycle Lead Acid100 Ah33,084
Daewoo DIB-165 Deep Cycle Lead Acid115 Ah41,070
Daewoo DIB-180 Deep Cycle Lead Acid145 Ah46,470
Daewoo DIB-200 Deep Cycle Lead Acid175 Ah58,740
Daewoo DIB-225 Deep Cycle Lead Acid200 Ah66,860
Daewoo DIB-260 Deep Cycle Lead Acid220 Ah73,320

Daewoo Deep Cycle Batteries are designed to withstand repeated charging and discharging cycles. These batteries excel in providing consistent power for specific needs, such as in marine, RV, and solar energy systems.

How to Find the Best Battery Option?

In Pakistan, different battery types like lead-acid and lithium-ion serve specific purposes. These variations provide versatile solutions across various industries and applications.

Lead-acid batteries see extensive use in automotive sectors. Meanwhile, lithium-ion batteries are favored for applications in renewable energy and portable electronics.

Finding the right battery for your household or vehicle can be challenging. This is especially true in Pakistan, where online information about available options is scarce.

Many assume locals have all the knowledge and primarily depend on local vendors for information and purchases.

Though effective for some, many find this traditional approach frustrating. Limited access to detailed information and guidance online contributes to this frustration.

As a result, many consumers face a challenging quest in finding the ideal battery. They seek reliable information for well-informed purchase decisions.

Factors Influencing Battery Prices in Pakistan

Several factors contribute to the fluctuating battery prices in Pakistan. Raw material costs, including lead and lithium, heavily influence the pricing. Import taxes, supply chain issues, and government policies on subsidies or taxes are crucial.

Technological advancements lead to higher initial costs for new innovations, influencing pricing strategies. These advancements also impact prices in the market.

Current Battery Price Trends

Analyzing historical trends reveals the fluctuation in battery prices within Pakistan. Comparative analyses reveal diverse pricing across different types and brands. They help highlight the varying price range.

Changes in the worldwide market also affect local prices. Tracking both international and domestic trends is crucial to understand how prices might change.

Challenges and Opportunities

The battery industry in Pakistan faces challenges like price volatility and quality concerns. However, these challenges also present opportunities for growth and innovation.

By embracing sustainable practices, pricing issues might be alleviated, simultaneously addressing environmental concerns. This approach could open avenues for market expansion and foster technological advancements.

Consumer Perspective

Consumer behavior and preferences significantly impact the battery market. Factors such as price, brand reputation, and durability influence purchasing decisions.

Knowing what consumers want and how they feel about current battery prices is crucial. This helps stakeholders match their products to what the market needs.

Future Outlook

Knowing how technology improves and how markets change is important to guess battery prices in Pakistan. Additionally, considering consumer needs plays a pivotal role in this prediction. This helps stakeholders adjust to price shifts, staying competitive in the market.

Knowing these factors supports planning and making smart choices for steady growth and strength.

Final Verdict

Battery prices in Pakistan hinge on material costs, consumer choices, and technological advancements. These elements collectively shape and impact the pricing dynamics. These factors make it a complex thing to understand.

Monitoring these elements is crucial for stakeholders to navigate the market effectively. Making sure batteries are both affordable and efficient is key for Pakistan’s sustainable growth.

Knowing about battery prices is crucial. It helps businesses, policymakers, and consumers make smart choices. These choices lead to better energy storage and use, bringing progress and new ideas.