PVC Pipe Price in Pakistan | Importance, Benefits & Tips

Are you looking for information related to PVC Pipe Price in Pakistan? You must be well-aware of the fact that how important this specific Pipe is for the smooth transportation of water.

PVC Pipe Price in Pakistan

Let’s take a look at the Prices before diving into the further information related to PVC Pipes:

Pipe LengthPipe SizePrice
10 Feet1-inchRs. 400
10 Feet1 ¼ inchRs. 550
10 Feet2-inchesRs. 600
13 Feet2-inches(double)Rs. 800
13 Feet3-inchesRs. 1700
13 Feet4-inchesRs. 1950
13 Feet5-inchesRs. 3850
13 Feet6-inchesRs. 4850

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Factors that Affects Prices of PVC Pipes

PVC pipe pricing in Pakistan is influenced by several key factors such as raw material costs, manufacturing expenses, market demand-supply dynamics, supplier competition, and technological advancements.

Understanding these influences is essential for informed consumer and business decisions. This insight allows stakeholders to navigate the market effectively.

Awareness of raw material fluctuations, production intricacies, and competitive landscapes directly impacts pricing strategies.

Knowing these factors aids in budget management, providing control over PVC pipe prices in Pakistan.

Manufacturers of PVC Pipe in Pakistan

We have compiled a list of PVC Pipe Manufacturers working in Pakistan. Each of them contributes uniquely to Pakistan’s PVC pipe market and offers diverse product ranges.

These individuals specialize in specific sectors or quality attributes & cater the needs of consumers, that’s why they hold a top preference in the market.

  1. Master Pipes Industries Pvt Ltd
  2. Alpha Pipes
  3. Adam Jee Plastic Industry
  4. Alsafa Pipes
  5. New Tech Pipes
  6. AGM GM Paktherm Qtherm Pipes
  7. Beta Pipes
  8. FiveStar Groups
  9. National Pipe Industry
  10. All Pakistan PVC Pipes
  11. Royal PVC Pipe
  12. Rehan Plastic Industry
  13. Minhas Pipes and Fittings
  14. PVC City
  15. Xperia Pipes and Fittings

Tips for Purchasing PVC Pipes

Following tips will best describe the PVC Pipe benefits which are going to help in purchasing:

⦁ Size & Standards Matter

Find out your pipe size requirements and standards for your specific needs before making a purchase.

Quality Check

Ensure that the finalized PVC pipe meets all important quality standards. Conduct detailed quality checks to assure reliability at any cost.

⦁ Brand Assurance

Opt for trustworthy brands recognized for meeting quality standards. Prioritize longevity while considering pricing along with what it brings to your lifestyle.

⦁ Smart Comparison

Compare prices across different brands without any compromise on quality. Look for the best possible value within your budget.

⦁ Expert Advice

Find out your pipe size requirements and standards for your specific needs before making a purchase.

Advantages & Disadvantages of PVC Pipes


  • Cost Efficient
  • Reusable, Recyclable & Repairable
  • Exceptional Resistance to Corrosion & Durable
  • Smooth Flow
  • Easy to Install
  • Lightweight, Easy to Carry


  • Breakage under certain impact conditions
  • Can deform under high Pressure


PVC pipes continue to play an important role in Pakistan construction and infrastructure development. And, it holds the key to bring an eco-friendly environment in the country through their effective working.

To be informed about the prices and get the benefits attached to PVC pipes, it will become even more important to consumers and stakeholders. That’s the best and easy way to go by assuring the reliable water supplies while contributing towards greater economic development in Pakistan.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is made up from vinyl chloride. And it’s manufactured with the help of several monomers of vinyl chloride with a chemical formula of C2H3CI.

Yes, PVC pipes are durable and have a long life cycle. They don’t have any such risks attached with iron & steel to get rusty quickly.

Yes, PVC pipe is gradually used for draining water systems and drinking water along with saving water from harmful chemicals.