Sugar Rate in Pakistan Today 2024

The Sugar industry of Pakistan is well-known among the leading countries who produce Sugar.  The country is rich with the sugar resource and rated among major producers and exporters.

In this article we will discuss the Sugar Rate in Pakistan and all the linked aspects. The economy part will be also discussed as it’s always being a crucial subject. We will also discuss the Sugar businesses who make great wealth over the years.

Sugar Rate in Pakistan

Sugar Rate in Pakistan | Updated Sugar Prices

City/Province1-KG Rate50-KG Rate
Punjab130 – 1406500 – 7000
Sindh140 – 1507000 – 7500
KPK140 – 1607000 – 8000
Balochistan140 – 1607000 – 8000

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Sugar Price in Pakistan | An Overview of Industry & Challenges

 Pakistan has a strong sugar-making business with lots of mills all over. The main crop behind making sugar is sugarcane, produced in great numbers.

The government is responsible for setting the price of sugarcane. The authorities put taxes on imported sugar to help this business grow.

Still the problems have been always there in recent years and it affected the prices. The rates go up and down, and usually the blame on sugar mill owners. Rumors like stocking the sugar by sugar mill owners were always circulating around.

Let’s discuss in detail about the highlighted points linked with the Sugar Rate in Pakistan and concerned things:

Major Players in Sugar Production

In Pakistan’s busy sugar industry, many important companies play a big role in making lots of sugar.

The mentioned below names are major mills who form the backbone of sugar production and play a key role in shaping the industry.

Some big names among them are as follow:

  • Al-Moiz Sugar Mills Limited
  • Abdullah Sugar Mills Limited
  • Adam Sugar Mills Limited
  • Al-Abbas Sugar Mills Limited
  • Al-Noor Sugar Mills Limited
  • Al-Ghazi Tractors Limited
  • Al-Mehran Sugar Mills Limited
  • Al-Shaheer Corporation Limited
  • Al-Towfeek Sugar Mills Limited
  • Asim Sugar Mills Limited
  • Chakwal Sugar Mills Limited
  • Chashma Sugar Mills Limited
  • Chaudhry Sugar Mills Limited

These mills make a strong team that runs Pakistan’s sugar business. How much they can make, how they sell it, and what they add affect how much sugar costs.

Their decisions affect both people buying sugar and how the whole sugar business works in Pakistan. So, their actions play a big role in how the economy moves and how people get their sugar.

Role of Sugar in Pakistan’s GDP

Sugar making has a big effect on Pakistan’s economy and financial stability. It’s one of the main reasons why the economy gets stronger. It helps create jobs for people and brings in money when we sell sugar to other countries.

But sometimes, there can be too much sugar made, which means there’s more than what people want to buy. When this happens, it can cause problems for the farmers and people who make sugar. Prices might drop, and they might not earn enough money.

Studying sugar production’s link to Pakistan’s economy reveals the industry’s vital role. Knowing this helps us see how important the sugar industry is for Pakistan’s economy.

Challenges Faced by Pakistan’s Sugar Industry

 In Punjab, Sindh, and KPK, where most of Pakistan’s sugar is produced. Yet, there are significant challenges in the sugar-making process.

Insufficient water for growing sugarcane and outdated sugar production methods create challenges. And, also there are problems with how things are managed.

Fixing these problems is important for making sugar in a way that lasts and works well. When they solve these issues, it can affect how much sugar costs for everyone. So, making sugar better helps keep the sugar prices steady and fair for everyone.

Factors Influencing in Sugar Rate of Pakistan

 Following are the 3 major factors affecting in sugar prices of Pakistan: 

1. Supply-Demand Dynamics:

Sugar rates in Pakistan rely on the balance of supply and demand. When there’s an excess of sugar compared to low consumer demand, prices tend to decrease. Unlike, if there’s not much sugar but lots of people want it, prices go up.

The situation decides how much sugar costs and affects both the people who make sugar and those who buy it. It influences how much sugar costs for those who make it and those who purchase it.

2. Weather Impacts on Sugarcane Growth:

The weather has a big effect on how much sugarcane grows, and sugarcane is what we use to make sugar.

Bad weather, such as insufficient rain or extreme heat, leads to poor harvests. This results in less sugarcane being grown for making sugar.

This problem caused by bad weather makes less sugarcane available. Because there’s not much sugarcane for making sugar, the prices of sugar go up.

3. Government Policies and Sugar Pricing:

Government policies wield considerable influence over sugar prices in Pakistan. Taxation, subsidies, and regulations set by the government directly impact the sugar industry.

High taxes on imported sugar make people prefer the sugar made in our country. This might lead to the price of our local sugar going higher than before.

Financial aid or subsidies given to sugar producers can change how much sugar costs. This affects both how much people pay for sugar and how much money the sugar industry makes.


 Sugar industry is vital and crucial for the economy of Pakistan. It helps in assuring a strong economy by providing jobs to locals and exporting sugar. The challenges of fluctuating prices, concerns about health and environment are still debatable.

Balancing the benefits and problems of Sugar is essential. It can help the country and especially the economy from a greater perspective.

Sugar rate in Pakistan gives us insight into how the industry operates. Pakistan needs rules that support a healthy economy and environment while producing sugar.