Tiles Price in Pakistan 17 June 2024

Tiles Price in Pakistan

Unlock the grace at unbeatable prices, Discover the tile price in Pakistan! If you are thinking about a renovation or just want to explore, knowing the cost of the tiles is important. There are different kinds of tiles available in Pakistan but the most used are floor tiles.

Some factors affect the prices of the tiles. Normally the starting price of tiles is 100 to 800 rupees per square meter. Here is the table which shows the price of different tiles in Pakistan.

Tiles Rate in Pakistan Today 2024

#Measurement/TypePrice per Square meter
112*16Rs. 1000 to 1300
224 *24Rs. 1600 to 2300
324*48Rs. 2100 to 3000
4Front ElevationRs. 800 to 1200
5Ceramic TilesRs. 50 to 300
6Porcelain TilesRs. 100 to 500
7Granite TilesRs. 150 to 800
8TravertineRs. 150 to 300

Tiles Types commonly used in Pakistan

The tiles that are commonly used in Pakistan are floor tiles and the floor tiles price in Pakistan are different. So, here I’ll explain the types of floor tiles:

Ceramic Tiles:

Ceramic tiles are the type of tiles which are commonly used for the floor and wall covering. These tiles are the same as china tiles made with pure clay which is mixed with water and after molting it in shape it will be placed in the heat chamber. The temperature makes them hard then they are polished in different patterns with the help of the thin layer of graze. 

The graze tiles are more glossy as compared to the non-graze tiles. These are very budget-friendly, long-lasting, and stylish types of tiles. These tiles are waterproof and a good choice for bathrooms. The Bathroom tile price in Pakistan varies according to the quality.

Porcelain Tiles:

Porcelain tiles are very popular in Pakistan because these are a very long-lasting type of tiles. These tiles are made with a special quality of clay and heated at a very high temperature to make them strong and water resistant. After the tiles are made different types of patients are added to make them more stylish and attractive. 

These tiles are very resistant to water and scratches so they can be used in moisture areas like in kitchens. Porcelain tiles can be a good choice for those who are searching for a good quality and stylish kind of tiles. Kitchen tile prices in Pakistan vary according to the size, quality, and finish of the tiles.

Granite Tiles:

Granite tiles are a very durable and unique type of tiles that can be used for floor and wall covering. The wall tiles price in Pakistan depends on different elements. These tiles are made in different styles, and patterns and can be used in crowded areas. These tiles are very resistant to water, scratches, and moisture. 

For making granite tiles, granites need to be cut in a different size then polished and flamed to make them more finishing. These tiles are very slippery and can be cleaned very easily. Granite tiles are more expensive as compared to the other tiles as they are a long-term investment to add value to your property stuff.

Travertine Tiles:

Travertine is a type of tile which is made with natural stone. These are very luxurious tiles that are normally used in homes and offices. These tiles are made in different shades and finishes. These tiles are very smooth and can easily be cleaned.

Marble Tiles:

Pakistan is very famous because of its high-quality marble. Marble tiles are made with high-quality marble and it is a very luxurious type of floor tiles. These marble tiles are available in different shades and designs. These tiles are the most expensive as compared to others.

Features of Floor Tiles in Pakistan

The tile prices in Pakistan vary according to the types, quality, size, and furnishings of the tiles. So here we explain some features of the flooring Tiles:

Glossy Vs Matte:

Glossy tiles are very shiny, slippery, and have a modern look, and can easily be cleaned. Matte tiles are natural kinds of tiles that have a dusty look and are a little bit difficult to clean. Both kinds of tiles are available in the market you can choose according to your preference.

Entire Body vs Half Body:

Entire body tiles are very durable tiles and made with high-quality material used for outdoor tiling. These tiles are more expensive as compared to half-body tiles. Half tiles are not very durable because any damage on the surface of the tiles causes damage to the base of the tiles. You can choose tiles according to your budget.

Laser Vs Round Edge:

Laser edge tiles have smooth corners and can easily be installed. These tiles are easy to clean but a little bit expensive compared to round-edged tiles. Round edges tiles are round corners, affordable, and durable types of tiles but a little bit tough to clean.

Installation of Tiles

The installation of tiles depends on the type of tiles. Normally these tiles can be installed by applying a thin layer of adhesive and then pressing tiles toward the wall. Ceramic, china, and porcelain are very easy to install as compared to granite and travertine. The price of the china tiles in Pakistan is different according to quality and quantity.

Final Words

Tiles Price in Pakistan depends on different factors like size, shape, finishes, quality, and material which is used in tiles. In this article, I have discussed all the types of tiles that are available in the Pakistani market and the features of those tiles. 

Choosing the right type of tiles for a specific area is necessary like for a moisturized area you have to choose a water-resistance type of tiles. Talking about the installation of the tiles, it depends on the type of tile which is going to be installed.