Door Lock Price In Pakistan 2024

Door locks play a key role to secure Residential, Commercial, and Public places. A range of Door locks are available in the market of Pakistan. We’ll discuss features, types, quality, function, and Prices of these door Locks. 

As we know that the Pakistan economy is unstable, like other Commodities prices, Door Lock Price in Pakistan is also unstable. Most of the door locks are imported from China and other Countries, this is the reason that with the Dollar rate Door lock prices are also increasing or decreasing accordingly.

Door Lock Rate in Pakistan 2024 | Today Rate List

Door Lock TypeRate Per Lock
Smart Digital Door LockRs. 20,000 to Rs. 200,0000
Lever or Handle-bar LockRs. 2500 to Rs. 40,000
Knob Door LockRs. 1350 to Rs. 5000
Pad Door LockRs. 200 to Rs. 4000
Rim Door LockRs. 2500 to Rs. 20,000
Deadbolt Door LockRs. 2,500 to Rs. 10,000
Mortise Door LockRs. 2,500 to Rs. 10,000

Commonly used Door Locks in Pakistan

1. Smart Digital Door Lock:

Digital Smart Door Lock

Smart Digital locks are modern, technology-based, and highly secured door locks. These locks can be locked or unlocked through face detection, entering 4 to 6 digit password, RFID cards, and fingerprint scanners. Due to features like keyless entry and high security, demand for Smart Digital door locks is increasing in Pakistan.

2. Lever Or Handle – Bar Door Lock:

Lever handle Lock

Lever Locks are known as handle-bar door locks in Pakistan. These locks are available in many designs and quality in Pakistan. It’s commonly used in residential and commercial spaces. Most of these locks are imported from China, Germany, Italy, and Thailand. Quality -wise there are two types of Lever Door Locks.

High-Quality Lever Lock hase the:

  • Die – Cast Body
  • Die – Cast Cylinder
  • Bearing Machine
  • Computerized keys

Normal Lever Locks hase the:

  • Chaddar Body
  • Peetal Cylinder
  • Normal Machine
  • Non Computerized keys

3. Knob Door Lock:

Digital Smart Door Lock

Knob locks are very fundamental security providing door locks. The key cylinder of the knob lock is inside the lock. These locks are not durable so the demand for this lock is decreasing. It’s not recommended for the main entry door lock because it can be easily broken by a heavy tool like a hammer.

4. Pad Door Lock:

Digital Smart Door Lock

Padlocks are widely used in Pakistan, especially in village areas, its use is very common. These types of locks are not permanently attached to the door. You can easily move them from one place to another. Two types of padlocks are available in the market, the 1st one can be locked and unlocked by using a key, and the 2nd one uses the alphabetic mechanism for lock, and opening.

5. Rim Door Lock:

Digital Smart Door Lock

There are mainly two types of Rim locks available in Pakistan, first one is manual Rim Locks that can be unlocked or locked only by key, and the 2nd one is Electric Rim Locks that can be locked and unlocked by key as well as through a button.

The price of Rim Door locks varies according to the quality and brand. The Rim Lock that’s made of Iron material is available in the Market at low price and the Rim Lock that is made with Brass (body, Machine, and Keys) are expensive. Rim Door Lock of Brass is more durable as compared to Iron Rim Door Lock.

6. Mortise Door Lock:

Digital Smart Door Lock

These Type Locks are expensive and give a good look to a door when installed on it. The handle and Key plate are separate on the door. If you have a good budget to buy these types of locks for your door, I’ll recommend Mortise Door Lock due to its modern look, durability, and smooth finishing.

7. Deadbolt Door Lock:

Digital Smart Door Lock

Deadbolt Locks can be unlocked and locked only through keys. This type of lock also enhances the security of a Door and gives an elegant look to a Door. The Imported deadbolt Door locks are expensive but they have a very smooth finish, look beautiful, and are durable.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Door Locks

Advantages of Door Lock:

  • Door Locks Secure your items at home and business places.
  • They give a classic look to your doors.
  • Smart digital locks are highly secure.
  • Digital Locks are easy to use.

Disadvantages of Door Lock:

  • High-quality locks are expensive.
  • Traditional locks are the least secure and can be opened by expert thieves.
  • You can face hassle especially when keys are lost.


We hope this article will increase your knowledge about the Door lock feature, types, and price range. We gather information from different resources to provide the latest news and rates of Door locks to our viewers. The given rates are average rates, there can be slightly different prices of door locks in different areas of Pakistan. For more updates keep visiting our website on a regular basis.


Price of a Door lock in Pakistan varies according to the quality of the lock. High-quality imported Door locks are more expensive than Low-quality material Locks.

Smart Digital Locks are the most secure and hassle-free door locks. These locks use many security features that make it more complex to unlock by unknown persons and thieves.

Change door locks when keys are misplaced and want to install more secure door locks than already installed, when a  key brack in the door.