Fiber Door Price in Pakistan 2024

We all know the drawbacks of using traditional wooden doors in our homes. Regardless of the type of wood you choose, it lacks significant resistance properties. They can easily be ruined by water, their appearance can fade over time, and pests can easily attack them. They can also bend due to weather constraints. 

Once any defect occurs, there is no going back. You will have to replace the doors, and the cycle will continue every 5 or 10 years. This is a major inconvenience and a drain on your budget.

All of these problems look very worrying, don’t they? So, we have devised a solution to save you from this hustle.

Fiber doors are a great choice to make your house look even more beautiful. Their reliability, design options, and convenience in pricing demand you to use these doors instead of the traditional wooden doors. They save you from the worry of changing the doors over the years.

You might be curious about the prices of fiber doors in Pakistan now. If yes, then this post is ideal for you. Enjoy Reading!

Fiber Door Price In Pakistan | Fiber Doors Rate List

We have prepared a table for a price list of fiber doors in different cities, which can be very useful if you are looking to buy Fiber Doors for your home.

Door Lock TypeRate Per Square Feet
Fiber Door Price in LahoreRs. 360 Pkr
Fiber Door Price in KarachiRs. 750 Pkr
Fiber Door Price in FaisalabadRs. 350 Pkr
Fiber Door Price in RawalpindiRs. 350 Pkr
Fiber Door Price in PeshawarRs. 450 Pkr
Fiber Door Price in GujranwalaRs. 350 Pkr

The price of fiber doors depends on many factors, including the design and the city in which it is purchased. Each city has its own prices for Fiber Doors. These prices are determined by the distance from the manufacturing city and many other factors. Fiber doors are not manufactured in every city, so other cities must obtain their supply there.

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Fiber Door, Popular Designs in Pakistan

Fiber Doors are made with the weaving of resins; they can be molded into any shape without any complication. This gives rise to unlimited possibilities of designs.

The adaptability of fabric doors in fabrication results in doors that can suit any architectural style, from modern to traditional. There are hundreds of different designs which have patterns or minimalist textures. These doors stand as a testament to the fusion of artistry and functionality. 

Through the combination of resilient materials and innovative craftsmanship, these doors weave together both aesthetic allure and practical utility in the realm of interior and exterior design.

Some of the most common types of designs are as below

1. Arch door Design:

Arch design Fiber doors are doors that feature an arched shape panel in their designs. Arches are a popular architectural feature in the interior design of any home. It adds elegance to the room and surrounding area. These doors are available in a variety of styles and finishes, so you can find one that fits your taste.

2. Multiple Panel Door Designs:

Multiple panel doors are the most used door type among all Fiber Doors. Multiple panel doors can 3 or more panels in their design. The panels used in these doors come in various shapes and sizes.

3. Round Arch Door Design:

Round arch design fiber doors are also a popular choice for both interior and exterior doors. These doors have a round arch at their top, just like a semicircle. They look very beautiful and elegant. We have got some beautiful round arch fiber doors.

4. Wooden Groove Design:

These are one of the most beautifully designed fiber door types. These doors have separate panels joined just like wooden planks. Wooden groove designs can be used in a variety of ways, from creating decorative accents to adding strength and stability to designs.

5. Oval Shape Fiber Door Design:

Oval shape door design is also a popular design for Installation as Room, Bathroom and Kitchen door. There is an Oval shape design on top and two D-shape panel at lower portion.

6. Clifton or D-Panel Door Design:

This design have five panels with D shape. Most of the people use a single Clifton panel for Bathroom, Room and kitchen door, and double pair D-panel door is a good choice for Main entrance door.

Fiber Door Uses for Main Door, Bathroom, Rooms and Kitchen

Fiber Material has extensive applications in the building of houses, the main being the doors made of Fiber. Fiber doors can be installed as main doors and doors for rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. Below, we have discussed it in detail.

Fiber Door Uses for Main Door

The main doors are the most important part of the home. These doors must be large and strong. They must face harsh weather, like rain, fog, heat, and sunlight. Good for you because Fiber doors are comprised of all these qualities. They are strong, durable, and weather-resistant, making them perfect for facing the harsh elements. These doors are very strong and aren’t going anywhere for a lifetime.

Fiber Doors For Rooms and Kitchen

Fiber Doors are also tailor-made for rooms and kitchens. Rooms and Kitchens is an area where it is very important to match the doors with the beautiful aesthetics of interior design. These versatile doors offer a harmonious blend of style and resilience. Fiber Doors are crafted from sturdy fiber materials, so they can easily endure daily wear and tear, ensuring a lasting presence in your home. 

The functional layout of fiber doors protects against moisture and temperature fluctuations, making them a great choice for busy places. You can also enjoy the benefits of low maintenance, as these doors resist chipping and don’t fade their colors. This preserves their charm over time. 

So, we recommend elevating your interior rooms and kitchen with these elegant and reliable Fiber Doors. 

Fiber Doors for Bathrooms

You can revolutionize bathroom aesthetics with Fiber Doors. They are completely unscathed by constant splashes of water over time. These doors remain resilient and appealing. Their unique composition wards off water damage, which is responsible for beauty and functionality that lasts a long time. Fiber doors effortlessly withstand humidity and dampness.

Raise your bathing haven with Fiber Doors, combining style and practicality seamlessly.

Pros and Cons of using a Fiber Door

As in everything in our world, Fiber Doors have also got their own pros and as well as cons. Below, we have covered the pros and cons of these doors. 

Pros of a Fiber Door:

  • Fiber Doors offer versatile designs for diverse aesthetics.
  • They resist weather, staying strong against the weather elements.
  • Being durable yet light, they ensure easy installation.
  • With low upkeep, they save time and effort.

Cons of a Fiber Door:

  • As these doors come ready-made, it can be tricky to find a custom-size panel for your home.
  • Professional Installation Requirement: Complex installation demands hiring an expert, which may incur additional costs.


Fiber doors are a great option for homeowners who are looking for a durable, weather-resistant, and low-maintenance door. The fiber door prices list is already mentioned in this post for your convenience. Fiber doors are available in a variety of designs to suit any home decoration, but fiber doors, being rare, require installation by a professional. Fiber doors are a great option if you are thinking about changing your doors or building a new home.