Ghee price in Pakistan 2024 | 1kg, 5kg & 16kg Rate

Banaspati ghee is widely used for cooking in Pakistan due to easy availability and low price. Today we will discuss the ghee prices of top branded cooking oil companies. 

Ghee price in Pakistan: is depending on various factors for example the raw material from which Ghee can be made, Government taxes, supply and demand, transportation, and labor cost. Vanaspati ghee is extracted from the vegetable oil like Palm, Soybean, Cottonseed, and Sunflower.

1 kg Ghee Price in Pakistan today 2024

#Ghee Brand NamePrice per kg
1Dalda Banaspati Ghee600
2Sufi Banaspati Ghee581
3Mezan Banaspati Ghee610
4Kisan Banaspati Ghee585
5Tullo Banaspati Ghee585
6Kausar Banaspati Ghee565
7Manpasand Banaspati Ghee591
8Habib Banaspati Ghee595
9Kashmir Banaspati Ghee610
10Eva VTF Banaspati Ghee525
11Sultan Banaspati 598

Most of the people buy the 1 kg Ghee(single pouch ghee) from nearest local shops. The rate of 1 kg ghee on local shop is 10 to 20 rupees higher than the wholesale market or cash and carry shop. The reason is the wholesale dealers, and cash and cary shop owner purchase a big quantity of Ghee from the above mentioned ghee companies and thus get a special discount.

5 kg Ghee Price in Pakistan today

#Ghee Brand NamePrice per kg
1Dalda Banaspati Ghee3000
2Sufi Banaspati Ghee2960
3Mezan Banaspati Ghee3050
4Kisan Banaspati Ghee2925
5Tullo Banaspati Ghee2925
6Kausar Banaspati Ghee2825
7Manpasand Banaspati Ghee2958
8Habib Banaspati Ghee2975
10Kashmir Banaspati Ghee3050
11Eva VTF Banaspati Ghee2625
12Sultan Banaspati 2994

16 kg Ghee Price in Pakistan today | Tin or Pack

#Ghee Brand NamePrice per kg
1Dalda Banaspati Ghee9600
2Sufi Banaspati Ghee9296
3Mezan Banaspati Ghee9760
4Kisan Banaspati Ghee9360
5Tullo Banaspati Ghee9360
6Kausar Banaspati Ghee9040
7Manpasand Banaspati Ghee9450
8Habib Banaspati Ghee9520
9Kashmir Banaspati Ghee9750
10Eva VTF Banaspati Ghee8400
11Sultan Banaspati 9550


We collect data about ghee prices from different resources, and provide the average price of ghee in Pakistan. The ghee rate may vary in many Areas in Pakistan. As we know that The ghee price is highly increased in past few years, so you should use less quantity of ghee to save money.