Paint Price in Pakistan

The paint price in Pakistan depends on your selection of paint brand and the type you choose. In the construction, interior designing, and renovation sectors, the demand for high-quality paint in Pakistan is continuously rising.

Initially, only a few Big Brands operated in Pakistan, but now there are many international and local brands operating in Pakistan. High-quality, affordable paint types with versatile colors and high area coverage are the ultimate need of home-keeping.

Paint Price in Pakistan Today 2023

Master Paint Price:

Paint TypeQuarter Price Gallon Price Drummi Price
Enamel Paint1,050 (0.9-liter)4,000 (3.64 liter)————-
Wall Emulsion Paint 600 (1-liter) 1,850 (4-liter) 6,800 (16-liter)
Plastic Emulsion1,050 (1-liter) 3,850 (4-liter) 14,500 (16-liter)
Weather Sheet1,100 (1-liter) 4,000 (4-liter) 15,500 (16-liter)
Wall Putty———– 1,000 (5-kg) 3,700 (20-kg)

Nippon Paint Price:

Paint TypeQuarter Price Gallon Price Drummi Price
Enamel Paint1,866 PKR6,102 PKR22,743 PKR
Interior Emulsion1,544 PKR5,295 PKR20,555 PKR
Water Based1,710 PKR4,340 PKR24,420 PKR
Weather Sheet1566 PKR5,466 PKR20,500 PKR
Wall Putty———–1,607 PKR5,540 PKR

Brighto Paint Price:

Paint TypeQuarter Price Gallon Price Drummi Price
Enamel Paint1,000 PKR3,800 PKR7,000 PKR
Wall Emulsion Paint 600 PKR 1,850 PKR 6,800 PKR
Plastic Emulsion1,050 PKR 3,700 PKR 14,500 PKR
Weather Sheet1,100 PKR 4,000 PKR 15,500 PKR
Wall Putty 7,00 PKR 1,000 PKR 3,600 PKR

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Paint Selection Guide

With a huge number of available options with varying paint prices, it becomes easy to fall into selection paralysis In order to choose the suitable paint that not only meets the decorative purpose but also meets the budget and other criteria.

Let’s explore each factor in detail that helps you come out of selection paralysis.

Application Area:

An important factor that determines your selection is the application area. The interior and exterior areas, type of walls, and the finish you are expecting determine your selection of paint type and brand. So, always discuss with paying experts and select a distinctive paint type for the bathroom, kitchen, laundry, dining area, high-traffic areas, and comfy bedrooms.

Budget Allocation:

Before selecting any brand or type of paint, make sure you know the latest Paint Prices in Pakistan. Moreover, one must plan the financial scope before starting any project to avoid future issues. Fortunately, there are quality paint choices available at a range of price points, allowing you to strike a balance between affordability and quality.

Coverage Capability:

The coverage capability of paints varies depending on the sheen level, type, and surface condition. Most expensive paints have high coverage capability compared to low-quality paints. However, varying paint prices in Pakistan also help you pre-plan the high-coverage paint at low prices during off-season and flash sales.

Durability of the Paint-Check Reviews:

Real-time user reviews help you estimate the durability of the paint. Therefore, always evaluate the product’s durability and how long it can withstand the climatic changes of Pakistan. Even though the Price of Durable Paints in Pakistan is higher compared to other average-quality paints, it reduces the frequency of maintenance.

Top Paint Brands in Pakistan

⦁ Master Paint:

Largest Paint brand in Pakistan with an extensive range of color palettes. Their paints are known for superior coverage and extreme weather durability. Its high ROI justifies the high paint price in Pakistan.

⦁ Nippon Paint:

Nippon is one of the largest paint-manufacturing 140-year-old Singaporean paint brands in Pakistan. They have excellent customer services and distributors available all over Pakistan. Nippon Paint Price in Pakistan is relatively constant and faces the least hikes.

⦁ Brighto Paint:

Brighto is a 50-year-old brand in Pakistan. They manufacture acrylic, water-based, various special coatings, varnishes, and primers. Brighto paints is also a public choice due to its extreme coverage capability and low maintenance cost.

⦁ Berger Paint:

Berger Paints is also a Pakistan-based paint manufacturing Company with Jenson and Nicholson as the parent company—the Interior and primer with an extensive range of colors. The astonishing finish and durability never fail you on your interior and exterior walls.

⦁ Diamond Paint:

Company manufactures a wide range of Paint types in variable price ranges. The extremely durable and high adhesion power of their products ensures a durable, smooth finish.

⦁ Sparco Paint:

Sparco Paints manufactures 100% acrylic paints suitable for the harsh climate of the subcontinent. The company manufactures emulsions, enamel, weather shelter and primers, and many other paint products. The wide range of color choices available makes it one of the most in-demand paints in Pakistan.

⦁ Asian Paint:

Asian Paints is India’s Largest Paint Brand—it manufactures versatile coatings and paint products. The company sells paint in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. The paint distributor in Pakistan impacts the paint price in Pakistan. Their color palette portfolio has a wide range of colors.

Factors Affecting Paint Prices in Pakistan

Labour Cost Vs Coverage:

The labor cost is directly related to the coverage capability of the paint. Therefore, the paint with high coverage usually has a high paint price in Pakistan. However, the low labor cost compensates for the high paint prices.

Surface to Be Covered:

The surface area impacts the investment in paint. Larger areas and rough surface demands high coverage and thus increases the investment cost. At the same time, routine coverage lowers the cost of paint.

Paint Type and Brand:

The paint type and top brands ultimately have high prices in Pakistan. The international brands operating in Pakistan change the paint prices frequently. Similarly, the oil-based paints are expensive compared to water-based paints.

Government International Taxes:

The paint prices in Pakistan also depend on government-implemented taxes and worldwide fluctuations of paint prices. Distributors and manufacturers change the rates of Paints according to changes in the business policies. Usually, Pakistan -made paints are available at low prices yet with a limited number of shades.

Bottom Lines

Paint is an important investment, and thus, one must be observant of the Paint Prices in Pakistan to maximize ROI. Low-quality paint can cost you even higher labor rates and may have early fadeout. Moreover, with high-quality and top-brand paints, you have the freedom to select premium shades that are usually unavailable in cheap and compromised-quality paints.

Check the latest paint prices in Pakistan, and let us know what are your favourite paint types and brands.