Water Pump Price in Pakistan

The water pump is an important tool for daily needs and is an effective method of water extraction. The water pump price in Pakistan does not remain the same. It is a means of conveying the water coming out in a better way to the right place. Now, since it is one of the basic needs, there is a lot of tendency to buy it. Because different types of brands are found in this regard in Pakistan, the market rates are calculated accordingly.

water pump price in Pakistan

Water Pump Price in Pakistan Today 2023

Golden Water Pump Price:

Pump TypePrice
Mono Block Water PumpRs. 19750 – 69000
Self Priming Water PumpRs. 22500 – 36750
Jet Water PumpRs. 29950 – 33000
Worm Water PumpRs. 22250
Peripheral Water PumpRs. 15000 – 19800
Piston (Donkey) Water PumpRs. 20500 – 44750
Mono Block Stainless Steel PumpRs. 33000 – 42450
Submersible Pumps GSP 3-SeriesRs. 50833 – 82500
Submersible Pumps GSP 4-SeriesRs. 56667 – 180000
Submersible Pumps GSP 6-SeriesRs. 240000 – 336000
Submersible Pumps GSP 8-SeriesRs. 190000 – 286500
Deep Well Enjector Water PumpRs. 31000 – 57000
Centrifugal Bare Shaft Pumps-2 PoleRs. 64282 – 98313
Centrifugal Bare Shaft Pumps-4 PoleRs. 58438 – 200750

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Water pumps are used for various purposes. To extract water from pimps, multiple steps are taken. In addition, it is a necessary thing whose mechanical parts do this work with the help of electricity. They set water pump prices in Pakistan according to the reach of users, so their prices are analyzed accordingly. Its use is the highest in Pakistan, so they have buyers, so consumers decide according to their affordability. 

There is information about its uses that it is used for, but it contains many points. Just as everything is specific to one thing but also consists of many sources, water pumps are priced according to their quality and also consist of many types. 

Name of water pump suppliers in Pakistan

Some terms of water pump company’s suppliers in Pakistan: 

  1. Noble pumps
  2. KBS pumps company
  3. Golden Water Pumps Company
  4. Castle pump 
  5. Mughal sanitary and water pumps
  6. Olympic pool
  7. Ibrahim water pumps 

Water Pump Types in Pakistan

⦁ Jet Water Pump

A jet pump in water systems is a versatile and efficient device used for both residential and commercial water supply applications. Operating on the principle of fluid dynamics, jet pumps create pressure to draw water from a well or other water source, then utilize mechanical impellers to pressurize and propel the water through the plumbing system. One of the distinguishing features of jet pumps is their ability to be installed above ground, making them accessible and easy to maintain. 

⦁ Submersible Water Pump

In Pakistan, there is a considerable increase in its purchase. People buy it a lot because it is a part of their needs. Because water is an important thing, things are chosen to make better use of it, such as a water pump machine that draws water from clean ground, and this type is used for its cleaning. There are many varieties of water pumps in Pakistan as per the requirements of the people.

⦁ Booster Water Pump

A booster pump in water systems plays a pivotal role in enhancing water pressure and ensuring efficient distribution throughout a network. This specialized pump is designed to amplify the force of water flow, particularly in situations where the existing pressure is insufficient for the intended purpose. Commonly used in residential, commercial, and industrial settings, booster pumps help overcome frictional losses in pipelines, ensuring adequate water pressure at taps, showers, and appliances.

⦁ Solar Water Pump

A solar pump for water applications harnesses the power of sunlight to drive a sustainable and efficient water pumping system. This innovative technology uses solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity, powering the pump and enabling the extraction or movement of water without the need for conventional electricity sources. Solar pumps find extensive use in various settings, from agriculture and irrigation to remote areas lacking access to a reliable power grid.

⦁ Central fugal Water Pump 

A water transfer pump is also known as a centrifugal pump. It is used to perform an important function related to water. For example, this type of method is used to transport water from the ground to the pump. If you want to get the best water pumps for your home, you have to hunt the market to select the best water pumps to get better results.

⦁ Donkey Water Pump

Filtration is a clear process, making nearly any pump suitable. While the more complex scroll pumps may not be ideal, most slower pumps should suffice. In cases where filtration is not desired, centrifugal pumps can be configured with blade clearances to permit the passage of sludge and sand. The centrifugal forces expel heavy materials swiftly, minimizing wear. However, wear can accumulate gradually over time. Therefore, while centrifugal pumps can handle unfiltered substances, employing filtration remains the superior choice for prolonged pump longevity.

Pros & Cons of using Water Pump


  • Easy to use
  • Useful for water requirements
  • Time and energy saver
  • Best water source
  • With useful factors of water pumps 


  • Noisy operation 
  • Low water pressure 


The water pump prices in Pakistan, which are a means of extracting water in Pakistan, have been discussed. So, what is particularly clear is that you calculate the price as their different qualities. Because this thing is distinguished here, people also judge those things according to their ability. A water pump is a useful item that has various types of functions described. It is used even more in Pakistan because of its benefits. 

FAQs. Frequently Asked Questions 

Golden Pump Company is considered to be the best among all these supplier companies. 

No, they are different in terms of quality according to their brand, and the price also depends on their quality.

It is a great tool to solve your water problem. It may cause some issues with your heavy usage, but they will be minor and fixable problems.