Younis Mobile Rate List Today 2023

Younis Mobile is a well-known, and wholesale mobile dealer that sells mobile sets at discount rates. A large number of People who are interested to buy new phone visit their shop every month in Lahore.

Younis mobile rate List: You can purchase a branded mobile of your own choice from this mobile store. Younis mobile store gives a guarantee of original mobile phone to their customers. So you should not worry about copy or clone mobiles while buying.

Younis Mobile New Price List November 2023

Samsung Mobile Rate List:

A043GB RAM, 32GB Built-in MemoryRs. 31,500
A044GB RAM, 64GB Built-in MemoryRs. 35,500
A04s4GB RAM, 64GB Built-in MemoryRs. 40,000
A04s4GB RAM, 128GB Built-in MemoryRs. 44,000
A134GB RAM, 64GB Built-in MemoryRs. 58,000
A146GB RAM, 128GB Built-in MemoryRs. 60,000
A248GB RAM, 128GB Built-in MemoryRs. 80,000
A348GB RAM, 128GB MemoryRs. 115,000
A548GB RAM, 256GB MemoryRs. 141,000

OPPO Mobile Rate List:

A174GB RAM, 64GB Built-in MemoryRs. 37,000
A778GB RAM, 128GB Built-in MemoryRs. 70,000

Vivo Mobile Rate List:

Y023GB RAM, 32GB Built-in MemoryRs. 32,000
Y02t4GB RAM, 64GB Built-in MemoryRs. 36,000
Y02t4GB RAM, 128GB Built-in MemoryRs. 40,000
Y368GB RAM, 128GB Built-in MemoryRs. 65,000
Y276GB RAM, 128GB Built-in MemoryRs. 60,000
V2912GB RAM, 256GB Built-in MemoryRs. 160,000
V27E8GB RAM, 256GB MemoryRs. 100,000
Y17s6GB RAM, 128GB MemoryRs. 45,000

Realme Mobile Rate List:

C25-Y4GB RAM, 64GB Built-in MemoryRs. 37,000
C25-S4GB RAM, 128GB Built-in MemoryRs. 55,000
C304GB RAM, 64GB Built-in MemoryRs. 28,000

Redmi(mi) Mobile Rate List:

Redmi A1 Plus2GB RAM, 32GB Built-in MemoryRs. 20,000
Redmi A2 Plus3GB RAM, 64GB Built-in MemoryRs. 23,000
Redmi 12c4GB RAM, 128GB Built-in MemoryRs. 28,000
Redmi 10A3GB RAM, 64GB Built-in MemoryRs. 39,000
Redmi Note 128GB RAM, 128GB Built-in MemoryRs. 55,000
Redmi Note 12 Pro8GB RAM, 256GB Built-in MemoryRs. 90,000
Redmi 128GB RAM, 128GB Built-in MemoryRs. 42,000
Poco X58GB RAM, 256GB Built-in MemoryRs. 110,000
Redmi 13T12GB RAM, 256GB Built-in MemoryRs. 170,000
Redmi X58GB RAM, 256GB Built-in MemoryRs. 110,000

Infinix Mobile Rate List:

Smart 7 HD2GB RAM, 64GB Built-in MemoryRs. 22,000
Smart 7 4GB RAM, 64GB Built-in MemoryRs. 26,000
Smart 63GB RAM, 64GB Built-in MemoryRs. 27,000
HOT 30 Play4GB RAM, 64GB Built-in MemoryRs. 29,000
HOT 308GB RAM, 128GB Built-in MemoryRs. 40,000
NOTE 306GB RAM, 128GB Built-in MemoryRs. 50,000

Nokia Mobile Rate List:

NK-105 SimbaCalling, Dual SimRs. 5,200
NK-106Calling, Dual SimRs. 5,200
C314GB RAM, 128GB Built-in MemoryRs. 42,000
C212GB RAM, 16GB Built-in MemoryRs. 16,000

Honor Mobile Rate List:

X52GB RAM, 32GB Built-in MemoryRs. 21,500
X64GB RAM, 64GB Built-in MemoryRs. 41,000
X64GB RAM, 128GB Built-in MemoryRs. 47,000

Tecno Mobile Rate List:

Spark Go4GB RAM, 64GB Built-in MemoryRs. 25,000
Spark 104GB RAM, 128GB Built-in MemoryRs. 31,000
Spark 10C4GB RAM, 128GB Built-in MemoryRs. 29,000
Spark 10 Pro8GB RAM, 128GB Built-in MemoryRs. 40,000
Spark 10 Pro8GB RAM, 256GB Built-in MemoryRs. 44,000
Camon 20 8GB RAM, 256GB Built-in MemoryRs. 50,000

Dany Mobile Rate List:

Monster 4G2GB RAM, 16GB Built-in Memory, 7” Rs. 18,900
Monster 4G Ultra3GB RAM, 32GB Built-in Memory, 7”Rs. 19,750
S84GB RAM, 64GB Built-in Memory, 8”Rs. 29,500
Maxx 51GB RAM, 16GB Built-in Memory, 7”Rs. 17,900

itel Mobile Rate List:

A171GB RAM, 16GB MemoryRs. 13,000
A23 Pro1GB RAM, 8GB MemoryRs. 12,000
A272GB RAM, 32GB MemoryRs. 16,500
A49 Play2GB RAM, 32GB MemoryRs. 17,000
P17 Pro2GB RAM, 32GB MemoryRs. 24,000
P403+4GB RAM, 64GB MemoryRs. 24,000
S238+8GB RAM, 128GB MemoryRs. 31,000
S238+8GB RAM, 256GB MemoryRs. 34,000
A60s4+4GB RAM, 128GB MemoryRs. 23,000

Sparx Mobile Rate List:

Sparx S32GB RAM, 16GB MemoryRs. 15,000
Sparx S62GB RAM, 32GB MemoryRs. 16,000
Sparx S92GB RAM, 32GB MemoryRs. 17,000
Sparx Neo 5 Plus3GB RAM, 64GB MemoryRs. 23,000
Sparx Neo 63GB RAM, 32GB MemoryRs. 22,500
Sparx Neo 7 Pro4GB RAM, 64GB MemoryRs. 26,500
Sparx Neo 7 Plus4GB RAM, 64GB MemoryRs. 25,500
Sparx Neo 7 Ulrta6GB RAM, 128GB MemoryRs. 32,500
Sparx Neo 7 Ulrta8GB RAM, 128GB MemoryRs. 35,000
Sparx Neo X4GB RAM, 64GB MemoryRs. 27,500
Sparx Neo 84GB RAM, 128GB MemoryRs. 29,500

Dcode Mobile Rate List:

CYGNAL 2 3+3GB RAM, 64GB MemoryRs. 26,000
CYGNAL 2 Pro3+3GB RAM, 64GB MemoryRs. 26,500
CYGNAL 3 Lite4+3GB RAM, 64GB MemoryRs. 22,500
CYGNAL 3 4+3GB RAM, 64GB MemoryRs. 26,000
CYGNAL 3 Pro4+3GB RAM, 128GB MemoryRs. 28,000
Bold 24+3GB RAM, 64GB MemoryRs. 35,000

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Note: if the picture is not clear in mobile you can check prices from the above table. We regularly update the rate list according to the Younis mobile prices every day.

Younis Mobile Lahore Contact detail


29, Main Haal Road, Lahore, Pakistan

Phone Numbers: 

(042) 37236801, 0315 7244485

Opening Hours:  

Monday10:30 am–9 pm
Tuesday10:30 am–9 pm
Wednesday10:30 am–9 pm
Thursday10:30 am–9 pm
Friday10:30 am–9 pm
Saturday10:30 am–10 pm


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